Patient Financial Services

EBO Programs Designed to Relieve Your Points of Pain

HFS understands the pressures of your central business office and your RCM points of pain. Our Extended Business Office (EBO) team focuses on delivering the best revenue cycle outsourcing experience, helping our healthcare clients gain insight and control over billing and relieving pressure on their CBO. Our EBO service is centered around customization, not cookie-cutter claims processing. We believe that a tailor-designed revenue cycle program is a program that returns the most value to you.

EBO Features & Service List

Projects and Claims

Project management and claims management including oversight, coordination of activities, on-site support, quality control and regular reporting.


Access to HFS’ sophisticated BIS technology suite.

EBO Support

World-class customer service and a dedicated supervisor liaison.


Proactive monitoring of denials with rapid resolution.

Denials & Appeals

Denial and appeals management.


Timely and thorough account follow-up with payers and patients.


Management reporting, including periodic assessments of key performance indicators and recommendations for improvement.

Our Proprietary Outsource Technology

HFS uses a dual-system approach to manage EBO. HFS works on your office system to record notes, refile claims, update insurances, and pull records. Additionally, HFS utilizes our proprietary AIM (Always In Motion) backoffice system and HFS BIS to increase efficiency. This allows us to customize your EBO program. Our technology helps us:

  • Manage staff work queues, productivity, and other tools to maximize performance delivery and shorten turnaround time.
  • Support specific project objectives (by payer, special projects, isolate troubled A/R, route secondary EOB’s, automate W/O files, etc.)
  • Provide detailed reporting with performance metrics for scheduled delivery and also web access of live dashboards (for both parties to review progress, trends, and even drill-down to see specific claims affected)
  • Provide a live website (AIM Expedite) to assist users on both sides for coding changes, w/o approvals, and eliminates the use of spreadsheets
  • Value claims based on payer and denial, and escalates claims which are approaching payer timely/appeal limitations
  • Provide customizable f/u templates to ensure all action steps are taken, and training tips for special scenarios is provided.
Why Choose HFS?

By using people, analytics and technology, HFS is able to efficiently manage your A/R,  report project KPI’s and metrics. Clients are assigned a fully dedicated EBO team who understands follow-upappealsclaim escalationcoding correctionsCOB / Eligibility, and authorizations.  In addition to our rigorous selection and employee training programs, HFS trains each staff member your project DOU to ensure consistent performance and delivery week after week, month after month.

Healthcare Financial Systems is head and shoulders above others in the RCM technology market.

Questions? Contact us today to learn more about our EBO Service or the HFS Suite of RCM Services.