Always In Motion

AIM Is The Technology Backbone of HFS RCM

HFS’ powerful backoffice Work Distribution System – Always In Motion (AIM) – in tandem with HFS’ core RCM services, is designed to work collaboratively with your existing billing system to provide a consistent view of any project management outsource initiative. 

Five Components of the AIM Work Distribution System

AIM Distribute

SETS THE RULES. ASSIGNS THE ACCOUNTS. AIM Distribute is Grand Central Station of the AIM Technology Suite. Worklists are neatly created, organized and prioritized for users to maximize productivity.

AIM Rules Engine

THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND VALUE AND PRIORITY. The AIM Rules Engine utilizes historic data and current A/R statuses – all extracted from your data center – to value and prioritize the billing process.

AIM Audit

THE ‘GO TO’ QA TOOL FOR MEASURING QUALITY AND QUANTITY. AIM Audit includes business intelligence that systematically reviews work based on historical performance.

AIM Profile

FRAMES A/R IN A LOGICAL AND EFFICIENT PROGRESSION. AIM Profile is the recording tool utilized by HFS staff. Predefined and customized action codes are designed to frame AR and standardize follow-up based on account type.

AIM Expedite

PENDING A/R, CASH FLOW, AND A/R DAYS OUTSTANDING. AIM seamlessly tracks the status and A/R impact of unresolved special requests.

Healthcare Financial Systems is head and shoulders above others in the RCM technology market.

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