Business Intelligence Suite

Design Your Revenue Reporting. Powerfully.

Understanding your data and underlying system is critical to any business intelligence solution. With the HFS Business Intelligence Suite (BIS), we provide full technical and user support and business analytic assistance each step of the way. We respect the value of your staff’s time. HFS will manage, load, and securely host your data, greatly minimizing the impact to your IT staff, hardware and software. We develop powerful custom fields for you that fit your business model. We believe a system designed around your needs facilitates timely decisions, enhances work flow, and provides the KPI’s to monitor the pulse of your organization.

Business Intelligence Suite (BIS) Features & Service List


Dashboards provide logical grouping of reports and charts into areas of interest for easy review. The dashboard filters update all objects on the dashboard so you can quickly analyze multiple views of the area of interest.

Data Analytics

BIS provides a simple, yet robust set of interactive reports, charts, and dashboards. BIS report templates currently exist for accounts receivables management, performance analysis, user productivity, insurance and rejection analysis, and analysis by specialty. Reports can be quickly created or adapted to fit your existing reporting needs.

The Power of Drill-Down

HFS loads the important fields you need to take action. This includes your internal ID, financial data, rejections, insurances, Rev/CPT codes, etc. These key data items, when properly managed, can provide the ability to see the highest level KPI’s, but allow you to drill down to the detail level, with a click of the mouse, in order to see what is driving performance or unexplained variances. These detailed “dives” empower your users to take immediate action, for such things as claims to appeal, identifying user mistakes, spotting under-paid claims by CPT, and potential problems in the claims submissions process. You can quickly find the important issues and provide the necessary analysis to take the necessary action.

Reports & Charts

BIS Reports use a pivot table approach allowing for quick data aggregation. A two tiered filter enhances further user manipulation. Filters are not limited to simple drop downs. They can be a multiple select, from/to, sliders or user created groupings. All data fields are eligible to sort on while viewing a report. BIS provides a number of charts options as well. Filters are not limited to simple drop downs. They can be multiple select, sliders or user generated groupings.

Custom Fields & Aggregate Formulas

HFS will create valuable custom fields to capture unique attributes of you data, so you can filter, group, and drill-down. For example (if a claim is no longer with the original insurance, and has had a primary payment, a field called ‘Secondary Balance’ = “Yes” could be created). BIS also provides internal aggregated functions to use in reports and charts. This allows for each view to recalculate percentages, amounts, and custom formulas quickly based on your selection or filtering.

Export Options

Reports, charts and entire dashboards can all be exported as PDF or HTML. Exports for dashboard have the additional option of separating by object on the dashboard. Exporting the detail data is an option in each object in the BIS system.

Email & Scheduler

Reports, charts and dashboard can all be emailed as PDF or HTML. Emails for dashboard have the additional option of separating by object on the dashboard. BIS provides an email scheduler that allows for the automated sending of reports on multiple schedules (daily/weekly/monthly). BIS also allows user specific data restrictions to provide an extra layer of protection when sending reports.

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